The World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) jointly conceived and developed the WADP Numbering System - WNS, which was launched on 1 January 2002.

Philatelic circulars

Circulars are issued on a range of stamp-related subjects, for example reporting illegal issues, promoting the issuing of stamps in connection with major humanitarian causes, and informing member countries about intellectual property issues relating to major international events.

Last Circulars Published:

17-02-2014 Circular no.25/2014
World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction – Issue of commemorative postage stamps
21-05-2013 Circular no.84/2013
Nicaragua – Change of postage for international parcels
06-05-2013 Circular no.61/2013
Iraq – Provincial postage stamps
06-05-2013 Circular no.62/2013
Tanzania (United Rep.) – Illegal postage stamps 2013
10-12-2012 Circular no.189/2012
Estonia – Illegal stamp issu
10-12-2012 Circular no.190/2012
Lithuania – Illegal stamp issues
19-11-2012 Circular no.178/2012
Portugal – Erroneous reference to the Autonomous Region of the Azores
17-09-2012 Circular no.146/2012
Mauritius – Illegal miniature sheet issues
20-08-2012 Circular no.128/2012
Rwanda – Illegal issues
30-07-2012 Circular no.116/2012
Japan – Stamp forgeries
11-06-2012 Circular no.92/2012
Bolivia – Illegal stamps
30-04-2012 Circular no.75/2012
Georgia – Illegal issues
12-03-2012 Circular no.29/2012
40th anniversary of United Nations Environment Programme – Request to issue postage stamps
21-11-2011 Circular no.219/2011
Tanzania (United Rep.) – Illegal postage stamps 2011
21-11-2011 Circular no.220/2011
Uganda – Illegal postage stamps
06-12-2010 Circular no.287/2010
Russian Federation – Counterfeit postage stamps
25-10-2010 Circular no.238/2010
Stamp to mark 30 years of living with AIDS
19-07-2010 Circular no.154/2010
Netherlands – New type of stamp
05-07-2010 Circular no.143/2010
Korea (Rep.) – 16th International Postage Stamp Design Contest
26-04-2010 Circular no.92/2010
Rwanda (Rep.) – Illegal postage stamp issues
26-04-2010 Circular no.93/2010
United Nations Postal Administration – Vacancy
26-04-2010 Circular no.94/2010
Stamp issues for the International Year of Biodiversity 2010
15-02-2010 Circular no.38/2010
"Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers" stamp issue
25-01-2010 Circular no.24/2010
Korea (Rep.) – Results of the 2010 International Postage Stamp Design Competition
18-01-2010 Circular no.8/2010
Slovenia – Personalized Stamps
16-11-2009 Circular no.252/2009
Rwanda (Rep.) – Illegal postage stamp issues
21-09-2009 Circular no.217/2009
FIFA World Cup 2010 – Issue of postage stamps
14-09-2009 Circular no.197/2009
Afghanistan – Counterfeit postage stamps
14-09-2009 Circular no.198/2009
Morocco – Launch of Poste Maroc online philatelic shop
07-09-2009 Circular no.192/2009
New Zealand – Non-denominated stamps