The World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) jointly conceived and developed the WADP Numbering System - WNS, which was launched on 1 January 2002.

Philatelic circulars

Circulars are issued on a range of stamp-related subjects, for example reporting illegal issues, promoting the issuing of stamps in connection with major humanitarian causes, and informing member countries about intellectual property issues relating to major international events.

Last Circulars Published:

10-12-2018 Circular no.183/2018
EMS Cooperative – 20th anniversary joint commemorative stamp
12-11-2018 Circular no.159/2018
UNESCO – International Year of Indigenous Languages
04-12-2017 Circular no.157/2017
Egypt – Illegal issues
04-12-2017 Circular no.158/2017
Libya – Illegal issues
30-01-2017 Circular no.19/2017
Rwanda - Illegal issues
30-01-2017 Circular no.18/2017
Croatia - Illegal issues
25-07-2016 Circular no.123/2016
World Tourism Organization – International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
18-07-2016 Circular no.121/2016
Isle of Man – Illegal stamp issues
21-03-2016 Circular no.38/2016
Kiribati – Illegal issues
21-03-2016 Circular no.39/2016
Madagascar – Illegal postage stamps
21-03-2016 Circular no.40/2016
Namibia – Illegal issues
21-09-2015 Circular no.149/2015
Trinidad and Tobago – Illegal issues
21-09-2015 Circular no.150/2015
Cambodia – Illegal issue
25-05-2015 Circular no.79/2015
Mali – Illegal postage stamps
11-05-2015 Circular no.64/2015
Food and Agriculture Organization – 70th Anniversary
11-05-2015 Circular no.65/2015
Namibia – Illegal issues of postage stamps
11-05-2015 Circular no.66/2015
Malawi – Illegal issues of postage stamps
16-03-2015 Circular no.41/2015
Viet Nam – Further statement on UPU International Bureau circular No. 30 of 24 February 2014
16-03-2015 Circular no.42/2015
Russian Federation – Illegal issue of postage stamps
16-02-2015 Circular no.28/2015
UNESCO – 70th Anniversary
02-02-2015 Circular no.14/2015
Vatican – Protection of copyright and rights of image
02-02-2015 Circular no.15/2015
Lesotho – Illegal stamps
24-11-2014 Circular no.188/2014
Namibia – Illegal issues
28-07-2014 Circular no.135/2014
Paraguay – Illegal postage stamps
28-07-2014 Circular no.136/2014
Ukraine – Statement concerning postage stamp issues
28-07-2014 Circular no.137/2014
Zambia – Illegal issues
16-06-2014 Circular no.106/2014
International Telecommunication Union – 150th anniversary
05-05-2014 Circular no.72/2014
Mali – Illicit and authentic stamp issues
22-04-2014 Circular no.66/2014
Russian Federation – Illegal "London Olympics" stamp issue
17-03-2014 Circular no.46/2014
Argentina – Statement concerning the issuing of postage stamps